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What is Micropigmentation?

Micropigmentation (semi-permanent make-up) is a cosmetic acupuncture technique which can be used for extremely subtle semi-permanent enhancement of the eyelashes, eyebrows and to contour lip shape or fullness. Full colour can also be achieved. Semi-permanent make-up can last for between 3 and five years depending on age and skin type. Call us or visit our salon to find out more about how semi-permanent make up can work for you.

Please note the discounts are not available for semi-permanent Make Up.


Hairstroke                                    €160

with refill up to 2 month          €210

Shadow                                        €180

with refill up to 2 month          €240

Refill up to 2 month                  €60

Refill up to 1 year                       €80

Refill 1-2 years                            €100

Refill 2 years and up                  €130


Lash enhancement top              €150

With refill up to 2 month          €210

Refill up to 2 month                   €60

Refill up to 1 year                        €80

Refill 1-2 years                             €100

Refill 2 years and up .                €130


Contour only                                €150

With refill up to 2 month          €210

Contour and Blush                     €170

With refill up to 2 month          €220

Lip light only                                €140

With refill up to 2 month.          €200

Refill up to 2 month                    €60

Refill up to 1 year                         €80

Refill 1-2 years                              €100

Refills 2 years and up .                €130


Embrowdery is a method whereby fine strokes are penetrated into the skin for a hair-like finish. The appearance is completely natural and blends with or without hair along the brow bone. New nano-technology is used in the pigments which allows the colours to stay in place regardless of how thin or light the strokes are applied.

Benefits of Embrowdery

  • Virtually Painless
  • Practically impossible to differentiate between Embrowdery and real brow hairs – no one will know
  • A few strokes can simply be added to your own brow to create definition or extra length and thickness
  • In most cases it can eliminate the need for eyebrow tinting
  • Perfect for those who have over plucked or lost their brows through age / hormonal changes
  • Works wonderfully for those suffering the hair loss side effects from Chemotherapy
  • Easily maintain your own brows after procedure

BROWS   1app.                        €200

REFILL   up to 2-4month  2 app    €80