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Diamond Tip Abrasion

Price €50 (30 min)

The Microdermabrasion system was designed by Mattioli Engineering house of Florence, Italy. Using their 20yrs of invaluable experience within the industry, combined with an innovative design module they were able to produce a system that offered everybody smoother and healthier looking skin.
Since the launch of Microdermabrasion the treatment procedure has expanded rapidly throughout Europe with 1000’s of examples of satisfied clients.

Spy Salon would like to introduce you to Diamond Dermabrasion, a significant improvement of the Micro-Crystal Dermabrasion. Instead of using aluminium oxide or Sodium Bicarbonate Micro-Crystals, Diamond Dermabrasion utilises the full benefits of Natural Diamond Tips. This technology allows you to perform mechanical exfoliation based on, the safe and controlled removal of the epidermis, layer after layer, without the use of any crystals (Reducing the treatment cost). Instead of using messy and expensive crystals Diamond Tip Abrasion uses various size heads allowing the aesthetician to treat all target areas (Even around the eyes).

There are 3 types of abrasive Tip:

  • High Grade (100) – Sun Damaged, Tough, Thick and Leathery Skin
  • Medium Grade (150) – Average Skin Tone and Texture
  • Low Grade (200) – To be used on Soft, Thin and Brittle Skin

Whilst you are gently exfoliating the surface skin the microdermabrasion will vacuum the particles of dirt and dead skin away from the target area and contain the debris within a removable filter. Diamond Tip Abrasion will remove dead skin cells, imperfections, blemishes, wrinkles and any unwanted pigmentation on the skin. Moderate usage in conjunction with the other elements of the Diamond Dermabrasion system will leave your clients skin not only looking younger but refreshed, rejuvenated and restored.

You can also use Diamond Tip Abrasion alongside various skincare products as the procedure will aid the active ingredients to penetrate through the Basel Layer much easier, reaching the target area. This helps to replenish natural ingredients, restore cell activity and promote healthier skin. Diamond Tip Abrasion will diminish most epidermal abnormalities by stimulating and restoring circulation.

As exfoliation happens gradually there is no risk of a deep, unequal exfoliation or scarring, so the therapist is in total control ensuring that the client is completely comfortable and conversant with the treatment they are receiving.

After Diamond Tip Abrasion the skin will feel much cleaner, fresher and firmer. There may be a slight redness for several hours afterwards on occasions but this is very rare. There is also the chance of some light inflammation that may last a couple of days. If this is the case then the therapist should use Cryotherapy or BLUE Light Therapy afterwards to reduce the inflammation and sooth the skin after treatment.

How often is Diamond Tip Abrasion Required?
The treatment plan will vary from one client to the next. This will be dependent on the individual needs and expectations of the client in question alongside their skin type and area that is to be treated. The general frequency of treatments is every 1-2 weeks.

Spy Salon firmly believe that everybody has a duty of care to their clients to ensure they receive a safe and effective treatment alongside the correct aftercare advice from their salon professional once they have received Diamond Tip Abrasion. So with this in mind we can also supply aftercare cards that you are then able to hand out to your clients advising them of the correct aftercare procedure once they have left your salon.

  • Drink lots of water
  • Avoid chlorinated water for 48 hours (swimming pools)
  • Always apply a moisturiser/sun block with at least a SPF of 30
  • Avoid tanning for at least 7 days after receiving a treatment
  • No Chemical Peels, Waxing, Depilation or Electrolysis for at least 5 days after