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Massage and Body treatments

Massages – including the tension reliever, the full-body massage, and the aromatherapy special – allow you to escape for a while and leave you feeling relaxed and at one with the world and your body. Our massage specialists have worked for a number of prestigious spas around Dublin

Develop your personal wellness plan with S.P.Y salon

Monthly massages, facials, member’s discounts and more…
€35 per month

SPY salon  studio of massage, facials and other wellness treatments has developed its membership scheme to reward loyal clients for their continuous support.For just €35 a month, Spy massage members receive:

  • One free regular treatment
  • €35 for additional regular treatments (normal price from €50)

Why should I become member?

  • No membership fee (the monthly charge goes against one 1 hour treatment of your choice)
  • Treatment transferable to family or friend
  • Additional discount for subsequent treatments within the month
  • Online booking
  • Recommend a friend to become a member and receive a free treatment
  • 3 month membership can be purchased as a gift only

Terms and conditions apply


Full Body Massage

A relaxing massage which leaves you feeling de-stressed

60 min €60

Aromatherapy Special

Experience the powerful medical properties of aroma essential oils, for the treatment of a wide range of conditions and elements both physicals and mental.

60 min €60

Tension Massage/ Aromatherapy Back Massage

A faster stress buster

40 min €40

Hot Oil Massage € 60

our popular Hot Oil Massage uses the same techniques as regular oil massage, but with warmed oil. It raises the effect of this massage and it seems to be more pleasant and efficient as the regular oil massage. During the winter months we recommend this particular form of massage treatment.

Hot Stone Massage

A blissful head to toe treatment. Hot Basalt stones are placed on key energy points of the body. Your body is then caressed with warm stones inducing a state of deep relaxation and rest.

60 min €70

Anti-stress massage

Medium light pressure applied with slow sweeping strokes and kneading of muscles. Circulation is enhanced and tension will be released allowing one to become more relaxed. A very good way to maintain reduced levels of stress.

60 min €60

Anti-cellulite massage

This massage is for those who want to reduce cellulite. The massage starts with lymphodrenage which helps to remove toxins from the organs. Then follows an anti-cellulite massage which focuses on more problematic zones.

60 min €60


This massage is exceptionally relaxing and gentle. It includes back, leg, feet and arm massage, relaxing the muscles and soothing the nervous system.

Duration of massage: 60 minutes €60


A body massage with stressed impact on the hypodermic fat layer and muscular tissues
This is an alternative to plastic surgery, as it diminishes the amount of fat in definite places of the body and reduces the possibility of cellulite formation, in a naturally biological form.

60 MIN- €60


Synthesis of physical drills and body-correcting treatment.
Fitness massage is a strong and painless massage of muscles, which successfully works both as lymph drainage and individual training practice.
The massage helps to regain strength after hard physic exercise. Amazingly, it improves blood circulation, helps to eliminate lactic acid from the body, improves muscle tone and is a great help in fighting cellulite and fat residues.

60 MIN- €60

Gents Massage

Unravel completely with this full body massage just for men, this will relieve all your stress and tension.

60 min €70

Body Treatments

Full Body Brushing   €30

Our Body Brushing treatment will improve your optical skin quality as well as exfoliate your skin, boost blood circulation, aid the Lymphatic system, help reduce cellulite and in-grown hairs as well as invigorate your well being.

Relaxing Cocoa Chocolate Treatment

Enjoy a Honey and sugar peeling, a cocoa butter massage, before a total relaxation with the hot cocoa wrap. Its perfume and its chocolate texture awake sense…Results : your skin is hydrated and softened, you are deeply relaxed.

75 min €60

Slimming Spicy Treatment

specially developed for a targeted slimming action, this care includes a peeling, a slimming massage, a Guarana ginger wrap. All these products reduce appreciably the centimetric loss. A three-week course of treatment (two care per week) is recommended in order to have a better skin quality and a smoothing, firming and slimming effect.

75 min €60

Draining honey treatment

This draining and decongestant care relieves and refreshes the legs thanks to the BC modelling technique. An essential oil complex recognised for its toning, refreshing and soothing properties strengthens its efficiency.

75min €60

Bernard Cassiére Honey Body Peeling

The sugar grains eliminate dead cells, refine the skin and provide a radiance and softness. Nourished and smooth your skin becomes more beautiful.

30min- €40